Supporters of Cromnibus Received Twice as Much from Finance, Real Estate, Insurance as Opponents

Washington Post’s The Fix: “Democrats in conservative areas (the South, upstate New York) voted for the bill. Republicans in conservative areas … didn’t. That doesn’t hold true universally, but it’s striking to see Kansas and Texas and Louisiana have so much of that lighter red color, showing Republicans who bucked Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and opposed the measure. (The black areas are districts whose representatives didn’t vote.)

“We cross-referenced the vote with data from the Center for Responsive Politics on how much each member had received in campaign contributions from the finance/insurance/real estate industries. This isn’t only from PACs affiliated with those industries, we’ll note; it also includes employees of firms in those industries. On average, members of Congress who voted yes received $322,000 from those industries. Those who voted no? $162,000. Here’s the split by party.”


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