PA Senators Took $200,000 from Comcast, Urge FCC to Approve Merger

Consumerist (12/12): “Earlier today, the two U.S. Senators from Pennsylvania put aside partisan squabbling for a moment to agree that the only things more awesome than campaign contributions from Comcast are the things Comcast has told us are really cool about its pending merger with Time Warner Cable.

“Senators Pat Toomey, whose campaign hauled in $70,600 in contributions from Comcast and its employees this election cycle, and Bob Casey, who really felt the love from Comcast’s $114,000 in combined contributions in 2014, penned a joint letter to FCC Chair Tom Wheeler today, urging him to hurry up and approve this merger already.

“Their reasons? Because Comcast informed them that it’s a good deal.

“‘Comcast has informed us that the merger will provide improved Internet access with no corresponding decrease in competition,’ reads the letter, which doesn’t question the source of that information or mention that Comcast was the single largest donor to Casey’s campaign. ‘The public should not have to wait for these benefits. Accordingly, we urge you to approve the merger as soon as possible.'”


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