100 Candidates Finish Campaigns with $700,000 in Bank

Sunlight Foundation: “The 100 candidates above each finished the election cycle with more than $700,000 in their campaign accounts. The majority of whom kept their war chests intact by coasting to re-election in a safe district. The top five on our leaderboard — all incumbents — each won re-election by margins of 20 points or more. A safe seat and a perch on one of the House’s top committees, or among party leadership, seems to be the recipe for big campaign cash surpluses.

“Republican congressman Darrell Issa, whose campaign had $3.7 million on hand at the latest tally, is the outgoing chair of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Paul Ryan, a prominent national figure, cruised to re-election. The surfeit of campaign dough will soon come in handy, as he will soon replace outgoing congressman Dave Camp as Chair of the House’s top tax committee.”


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