Former IN Gov Used Official Residence to Raise Funds for His PAC when Not Living There

Journal Gazette: “The latest revelations come from ‘Run Mitch, Run: The Hard Decisions One Man Faced for the 2012 Presidential Election’ by Don Cogman.”

“But one new slant from the book was that Daniels and his “group” used the Aiming Higher Political Action Committee to get the dollars flowing.

“Aiming Higher was organized to elect a Republican majority in the General Assembly. But the book reveals it was used for more than that.

“The book said the only way to get people from outside Indiana to contribute to the PAC ‘is to position it as a way to support him and encourage him to seriously think about the presidential race.”

“In another part of the book, it said the PAC ‘was also a good avenue for people who didn’t want to commit immediately or who had already committed to someone else but believed in what Mitch was doing. It was a way to support him ‘under the radar.’ ”

“Aiming Higher also was tied to a dozen or more private dinners held at the residence during 2010 in which hundreds of top GOP business leaders, policy experts and donors from around the country were invited to dine with Daniels to hear his political philosophy on what he termed the country’s ‘survival issues.'”


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