LtE Ties GOP Immigration Position to Agribusiness Contributions

Daily Record: “Under the radar, however, lurks the primary cause of this outrage; why an immigration bill passed by the Senate well over a year ago has yet to see the light of day in the House. Congressional Republicans truly in charge do not want any sort of immigration reform. They are quite happy with the status quo.


“Agribusiness high-muck-a-mucks, following in the footsteps of kindred spirit plantation owners who ruled the antebellum South, are quite content to have undocumented immigrants pick their fruits and vegetables, work in processing plants, even tend to domestic chores within and around their palatial dwellings. Cheap labor, very close to slave labor, is the mantra beating in their ice-cold hearts, adding more booty to their swollen wallets.

“Indeed, priming the pump of their legislative hired guns with ample campaign contributions, insuring that immigration reform will never see the light of day, that green cards will not enable these poor folks to come out of the shadows, perhaps organize, demand decent compensation and working conditions for their back-breaking toil, is the tactic that works so well within a political party that has lost its moral compass.

“Of course, such an unseemly rationale must never come to light. Thus, principled declarations ooze from talking heads as well as rants about further securing our porous border; wink, wink. No doubt, if our southern border was completely sealed multi-millionaire and billionaire owners and investors in agribusiness would privately lambaste their toadies in Washington; and we couldn’t have that, could we?


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