Profile of Home Depot Founder, Major Bundler

North Jersey: “Ken Langone, 79, is the billionaire founder of Home Depot whose willingness to back Christie for president not only creates the possibility of millions of dollars in donations but also the potential to block possible rivals by keeping them from adding this powerful ally.

“’I’ll do everything I can do to help get him elected, Langone said in a recent interview. ‘Whatever he asks me to do, I’ll do. I’m particularly good at fundraising, so I suspect I’ll spend a lot of time fundraising.'”

“‘There are many great fundraisers, maybe there are a few that are equal to him, but there’s nobody better than him,’ Giuliani said, adding that even when he was 27 points behind in 1989, during his first bid for the New York mayoralty, Langone raised millions for him.

“As a fundraiser, Langone works as a ‘bundler’ — the person who collects the donations from others who give campaign money, whether that comes at events he hosts or those he organizes. The word “bundler” comes from a time when checks were stacked in an actual bundle and handed over to the campaigns. People who know him say Langone, who is bald but for a ring of stark white hair and often makes strong gestures with his hands, can be incessant to the point of arm-twisting when he’s passionate about a candidate.”


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