Politifact Questions New FL Uni Pres’ Claim that He Has Not Received Contributions from Koch Brothers

Then State Sen. John Thrasher at September 15 forum with Florida State University students and faculty: “‘I don’t have a relationship with the Koch brothers,’ Thrasher said. ‘You say I’ve got contributions from them? You go look at my contributions, I’ve never received any contributions from the Koch brothers.'”

“Koch Industries has given Thrasher $3,000 over the past three years. Two donations on Jan. 9, 2012, and Oct. 11, 2012, were $500 apiece. Two were $1,000 each, on Feb. 8, 2014, and Oct. 21, 2014. This final donation came after the forum in question, and after the Board of Trustees had voted for Thrasher.

“But Thrasher’s camp cautioned against jumping to conclusions about what he meant. He ‘was referring to contributions from them (the Koch brothers) personally,’ [campaign spokesperson Sarah] Bascom said. ‘His comments were not referring to all of the companies that they may have a business interest in.'” [brackets added]


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