MA Non-Partisan Group with Ties to Republicans Allegedly Pooled Contributions, Sent Attack Mailers to Skirt State Laws

Global Warcester: “It seems as if Mass Fiscal has found it’s own loophole and a way around the $500 limitations. According to the Office of Campaign Policy and Finance, an individual may contribute up to $5,000 per year to a town or state committee. However, of the 13 members of the “Leadership Team” listed on the site, since 2012 more than $60,000 has been donated by four of these “Leaders” and their family members to the Sutton Republican Town Committee.

As reported by GoLocal Worcester earlier this month, the Sutton REPTC was responsible for more than $82,000 worth of in-kind donations to [newly elected Ryan] Fattman’s campaigns. In the past two years, the REPTC contributed $57,624.84 to Fattman’s State Senate campaign.” [brackets added]

“This past summer, Mass Fiscal attacked Democrats up for election across the state with campaign mailers containing records of roll call votes of specific lawmakers. Mass Fiscal focused its fliers on voting records of individual lawmakers and, according to, ‘the fliers are intended to educate residents on how their local lawmaker voted on the specific roll call votes.’ Under the umbrella of ‘voter education,’ Mass Fiscal was allowed to run this negative ad campaign. The flier highlighted several issues, including accusing Democrats of denying veterans priority housing benefits over illegal immigrants.”


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