Local Business Leaders Coordinated $26K in Small Town School Board Elections

Shreveport Times: “Citizens for a Better Caddo, its supporters and others linked to the PAC’s members collectively donated to the campaigns of Susannah Walter Poljak, Dawn Denee Locke, Kacee Hargrave Kirschvink, Dottie Bell and Carl Pierson Sr.

“It donated $1,000 to each candidate and spent an extra $16,089.60 on consultant fees to Ashland Partners of Louisiana, LLC, which is registered to Timothy Magner a former candidate for Caddo Parish Schools superintendent, and his wife, Johnette Magner .”

“[John Schmidt, Citizens for a Better Caddo treasurer,] insists the group is not attempting to have an undue influence in the school system.

‘”Before they endorsed any candidates, they vetted them. They interviewed each candidate and made sure they met the criteria they were looking for in a candidate. And that’s who they supported,’ he said.

“Schmidt couldn’t explain the criteria the PAC sought in school board candidates.” [Brackets added]


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